Toyota Hiace - Experience the HIACE lifestyle

Starting at $74,893.38 (duty free)

25 mpg. Highway

22 mpg. City


Contact a Sales representative at: (501) 224-5900

Where comfort and confidence go hand-in-hand, experience the Hiace lifestyle, a trustworthy partner of power and integrity.

The Toyota HIACE Commuter lets you enter a world of your own. A world in which you set the priorities and decie what is really important in life.

With a worldwide reputation for proven performance to back it, the HIACE Commuter is designed from the ground up to match today's active lifestyles, and comes loaded with features to make driving more confortable, more stylish and more enjoyable.

Wide and Super Long, or Standard and Long - whichever body style you choose, you'll discover a world that is uniquely your own.

Have a little fun and do some experimenting. Just mouse over any of the colour buttons to see how each would look on your TMC Hiace.

Toyota Hiace White
Toyota Hiace White Toyota Hiace Silver Mica Metallic Toyota Hiace Light Yellow Toyota Hiace Noble Peal Toning Toyota Hiace Dark Blue Toyota Hiace Green Metallic