About Verado

The making of a masterwork

When Mercury set out to engineer the most perfect outboard engine imaginable, we made sure to question everything – every number, every scenario, every bit of minutia – ensuring no detail was taken for granted, no stone left unturned. The result was Verado, the world’s only supercharged production outboard engine.

Total package.

Verado is a masterwork of engineering that epitomizes reliability, power, and performance. Created to deliver the smoothest, most intuitive, most finely tuned ride on water, Verado is known as the world’s most sophisticated propulsion system. Because it really does offer the best of all worlds.

Superiority Built from Within.

No engine can match Verado for corrosion protection. With three times more stainless steel components than competitive outboards, Verado is more resistant to salt and corrosion than any other outboard on the market.