Tradewinds Generators

Tradewind Power Corp

Perkins-powered generating sets are available in a variety of configurations. You can select from a wide range of product designs, open units or fully enclosed, with optional sound attenuation, heavy gauge steel sub-base or fuel tanks, mobile units for on or off-road use, mainline circuit breakers with NEMA enclosures, automatic transfer switches, the list goes on and on. Our building block approach provides “Power To Fit Your Needs”.

Tradewinds control panels are designed to meet the latest NFPA and UL requirements. We provide a wide range of panels and switchboards incorporating either digital or analog, manual or automatic-start controls, various instrumentation options and circuit breakers to meet customers, specifications. The control panels are connected through multi-conductor plugs to standardized engine wiring harness to provide maximum flexibility.

Tradewinds has standardized on heavy-duty marine-grade aluminum enclosures with a powder coat paint finish for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. The enclosures incorporate radiator air plenums to discharge hot air and engine exhaust vertically to minimize noise. The enclosure have stainless steel hardware, hinged removable doors which keyed alike to have lubricating oil and coolant drain lines brought to the outside of the enclosure. The enclosure can be lined with noise-absorption materials and critical exhaust silencers to provide sound attenuation.

Tradewinds offers steel-sub base fuel tanks ranging from single-wall for international applications to double-wall tanks meeting most U.S. code specifications. These tanks have corner lifting eyes and an opening for the electrical stub-up of power and control cables.

Power When You Need It

Tradewinds Power Corp engineers and manufactures a wide range of Diesel and Bi-fuel Generator Sets powered by Perkins line of engines. These generator sets use the latest state-of-the-art technology including engine with reduced emissions to meet the latest EPA certification for off-road application, microprocessor controls and durable vmaterial to enhance performance, reliability and longevity. Perkins engines are recognized worldwide for their excellent fuel efficiency and global parts and service support.

We provide world-class direct coupled generators according to NEMA, IEEE, ANSI and BS standards vacuum impregnated with Class “H” insulation. Generators can be provided with a variety of options such as Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) excitation, Digital Voltage Regulators (DVR), space heaters to maximize the life of the windings and synchronizing controls for operation in parallel with other electrical sources. The generators can be oversized for motor starting or non-linear load application.

Tradewinds generator sets are designed for standby and prime power applications using the latest CAD systems to ensure proper fit of all components. The cooling system are designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 122°F (50°C). Every Tradewinds generator set is load bank tested to ensure peak performance, along with proper operation of its’ controls, safety alarms, shutdown features and all optional accessories.