November 4

Dear Valued Customer,

We’re sure you’ve all heard about the theft of some TOYOTA HILUX vehicles in the Belmopan area over the past months. Unfortunately, it appears that one of our employees might be the culprit in the last theft. This employee washed cars after they were serviced and then delivered them to their owners. He has been arrested and charged with making a copy of the customer’s key prior to delivering their vehicle. Fortunately, the Police have arrested and charged this individual. After their extensive investigation they have concluded that this individual acted alone and no others appear to have been involved. It is also important to note that some of the other stolen Hilux vehicles were not serviced at Belize Diesel and the keys used to steal them were obtained from other places.

We have already instituted a strictly monitored system that eliminates any customer key being accessed by any (unauthorized) employee of Belize Diesel and Equipment. As an additional security precaution, we’ve asked sources who duplicate keys to not duplicate any Toyota key without a written purchase order from our management.

It is good to know that the thefts of the Toyota Hilux vehicles were all limited to the basic Hilux model which has no factory security system. The “upgraded” Hilux 3.0L comes with immobilizers and a security feature that prevents the copying of the key (which has an embedded chip) except with a highly technical service execution.

Our Toyota Prado models and others come with a factory installed security system which makes it extremely difficult to steal.

Please be assured that we will continue to review and strengthen our theft prevention protocols and encourage you to discuss them with our Service Department management the next time you drop off your vehicle for service.

We sincerely thank you for choosing Belize Diesel when purchasing and servicing your Toyota vehicle with us. Please let us know if we can answer any further questions you may have regarding our new theft prevention systems.


Israel (Pie) Marin

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